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What’s Google Places & Maps

One of the most stimulating points to happen for regional companies recently is the introduction of Google Places (formally Google Maps), providing the company proprietor targeted web traffic, and the possibility to obtain on the very first page of Google in their local area.

Formerly, when searchers utilized to place a geographical area in their searches, Google would certainly often place a map along with the regional business results. Local company listings were formerly utilized independently and the listings were duplicated in Google Maps. In late 2010, Google launched a brand-new platform called the Google Places which integrated both internet search and internet maps to produce a search process that transforms the means your website is ranked in Google search results page.

google places


Google Places

I don’t think Google places a large value on directory site hyperlinks and I absolutely would not spend for a listing, unless I was in a really tight specific niche and I understood that the directory site could provide web traffic and not just the hyperlink.

You have simply been conned. Chris now calls you and tells you about a solution he is supplying from anywhere from 100-500$ per month to keep your Google Places page online. He does not working from Google, he is a pitch man/con man. You have given him authority over your web page by offering him the code. You have a few choices which all are bad. You can mention him and await that to be fixed. You could pay him and be imprisoned for life. You can start a brand-new locations web page and lose your existing rank and page age. Or, you could merely underrate Google Places and the business it drives for life.

google places